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The Best Type Of Photography For Your Event When planning parties and events, one of the areas people focus on is the photography and how best to capture the event with quality photography and entertainment for the guests. There are many types of party photography which often leads to confusion for function hosts as to what would be the best for their event. The aim of this blog is to share the advantages and disadvantages of different types of photography to assist you in choosing the best type of photography for your event.

1. Photobooths

Photobooths first came on the scene in the UK in 2012 and quickly became highly popular for weddings and parties of all types. With fancy dress props and speedy changes, they provide fabulous entertainment for guests as well as souvenir photos for them to take home. There are many different types of photobooth on the market, so it’s important to do your research on the type of booth you would like.

north west photo booth

Photobooth advantages

  • Great fun for all the guests and they can go in as many times as they like during the evening.
  • Most booths have a curtain so the guests don’t feel self conscious and can let their hair down in privacy!
  • The guests receive free photographs to take home and keyrings or extra photographs are usually offered, if the guests want more.
  • All the props are usually included when a booth is hired from a reputable company.
  • A good photobooth company will provide personalisation on your prints so your photographs will be different to everyone else’s.
  • Guest books can be included which gives a fabulous keepsake for the party host with a copy of every photograph and messages from the guests.
  • Most photobooth companies provide a disk of photographs so the party host gets a copy of every photo.

Photobooth disadvantages

  • This is the most expensive type of photography, as the booth is hired by the party host, meaning that the guests receive a free photo for every visit to the booth.
  • A photobooth takes up around 3m squared of space so isn’t suitable for smaller venues.
  • Most photobooths will fit a maximum of 6 people in at a time so you can’t take large group photos.

The photobooth pictured above is from Northwest Photobooth who have four similar photobooths to hire in the North West of England.

2. Photobooth style photography

This type of photography was developed by photography companies, who wanted to overcome some of the disadvantages of photobooth hire, whilst still providing the fun dressing up element. The photographer can either set up a backdrop or shoot using the room as a background. Props and photographs for each guest are usually included in the packages.

photobooth style photography

Photobooth style photography advantages

  • The photographs are taken by a professional photographer, rather than an automated programme, so the quality of the photographs will be better.
  • The cost is not generally as high as a photobooth, as the delivery and set up is much easier.
  • Guests take home a photograph each in most packages.
  • Photography companies may also offer a guest book package so that the party host gets a copy of all the photographs alongside a message from the guests.
  • Large groups can have their photograph taken together, as there is more room than a standard photobooth.
  • There are more options for guests, if they would like their photos enlarging, due to the higher quality photography.

Photobooth style photography disadvantages

  • The photography takes place in public view so people may be more inhibited than in a standard photobooth.
  • The fun element of the quick changes in a photobooth is missing so it might not be quite as entertaining for the guests as a booth.
  • The cost will still be higher than standard event photography, as the host pays for the service.

Examples of costs and packages available can be found at Photobooth Style Photography

3. Event Photography 

Event photography is provided by a professional photographer who can provide instant printing on the evening. A backdrop can usually be provided or the background of the room may be used. Formal photographs will be taken and also some photographs recording different parts of the evening, if agreed with the photographer beforehand. Most professional photographers will charge an attendance fee with the guests then purchasing their choice of photographs. There is also usually an option to purchase products for the guests upfront, if the party hosts choose to do so.

event photography family

Event Photography Advantages

  • The photographs are taken by a professional photographer so the quality will be excellent.
  • The photographer can take as many photos as the guests would like until they are happy with the final product.
  • It gives families and friends the chance to have a professional photograph taken together without the cost of a studio photoshoot.
  • There are usually plenty of options for the guests to choose from, such as different sizes of prints, keyrings etc.
  • Professional photography companies will use high quality dye-sublimation printers, rather than cheap inkjets, which should be printed on the evening for the guests to take home with them.
  • Event photography can be a cheaper option than hiring a booth, as the guests can pay for the photographs they would like, rather than the host paying for them all.
  • A professional photographer can capture photos of people who would be reluctant to go in a photobooth, as he/she will be skilled at dealing with people.

Event Photography Disadvantages

  • The photographs are more formal than a photobooth or photobooth style photography so the fun element of those two is missing.
  • Event photography doesn’t provide entertainment for the guests. as props are not usually included.
  • Less space is needed than a photobooth or photobooth style photography, especially if a backdrop is not used, so this can be an option for most venues.

Please see Event Photography for further information on this type of photography.

4. Disposable Cameras 

It became quite popular a few years ago to put disposable cameras on the tables, particularly at weddings, to allow the guests to capture the day from their viewpoints. The cameras are then collected at the end of the party and sent away for processing. The photographs can all be printed and retained in a classic album style.

Disposable Camera Advantages

  • The host sees photographs from lots of different perspectives, giving great memories of the day which they may have been unaware of.
  • The cost is cheaper than hiring a photobooth and props could be provided on tables to give the fun element.
  • Most guests will enjoy the fun and challenge of taking photos for you.
  • Disposable cameras fit in well with a vintage theme.
  • There is no space needed so this can be done in any size venue.
  • Everyone gets an opportunity to take part in taking photographs.

Disposable Camera Disadvantages

  • The quality of the photographs will be poor so there will be no options for enlargements etc.
  • Your guests may not take the kind of photos you would like them to!
  • The costs of providing enough cameras and printing all the photographs later will probably be similar to hiring an event photographer.
  • You would need to pay for the printing of the photographs, whether they are photos you would like to keep or not!
  • The guests will not take anything home to remind them of the evening and therefore may not be very enthusiastic in taking photos.
  • These cameras may be used by over enthusiastic children who can very easily use a full film having fun, without realising the cost.
  • You may not get all the cameras back!

If you have made it to the end of the blog, well done! Hopefully it has been of some use in comparing the different types of photography available for parties and events. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01925 747780 and we will do our best to help!