The Dog Barn Fun Dog Show 2018

Entertainment at The Dog Barn Fun Dog Show 2018

What a beautiful day at The Dog Barn Fun Dog Show 2018 for all the dogs and their owners. The sun was shining and the water was splashing. K9 Aqua Sports were there with their fantastic pool and diving dock, giving a wonderful experience for dogs who were used to water and also for those who had never been swimming.

Team Oculus were taking pet portraits in a gazebo with their mobile portrait studio. Many owners came and took advantage of a printed and mounted portrait of their dogs. We also covered the competition in ring 1 as well as at the water with K9 Aqua Sports.

Dog shows galore were taking place in 3 different rings at The Dog Barn.

Below is a video which pretty much captures the show on the sunny July Sunday. We hope you like it!

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The Dog Barn Fun Dog Show 2018