Print What You Want To Preserve

Print what you want to preserve, because in 40 years time, the most photographed generation in history will have NO PHOTOGRAPHS!

Of course, being a photography company we’re bound to say Print What You Want To Preserve, because we’re biased but think about it for just a moment!

It is fair to say that our young people have become SO dependant on social media that they literally couldn’t live without it. Sadly, like all good things they are bound to come to an end. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and many others are here now but what about in 20 years time?

Social media platforms will come and go. They change all the time and different generations latch on to different platforms.! When they come, that generation will upload millions of their memories in text and photographs. When they go, so will all the memories. It’s a disaster in waiting!

Along side social media, we have what is in 80% of young people’s hands as we speak, the mobile phone.

Our youngsters have millions of photographs stored on their mobile phones. The obvious problems here are limited space and when upgrades take place. But wait, they’re all backed up on social media aren’t they? See above for the answer to that question.

Print what you want to preserve

As a photography company, we print thousands of photographs every year. Some are printed onto wall art like canvas and some are printed instantly using our Event Photography service at momentous occasions like awards, proms, weddings and other celebratory functions. Watching guests walk away from our printing station clutching a printed photograph gives us hope. That’s a memory that they’re holding in their hand and future generations will have a very good chance of sharing that treasured memory.

Having your photographs printed doesn’t have to break the bank. Some supermarkets offer a printing service for just a few pence each. At the time of writing this blog, there is an online printing service which offers so many free prints per user, per month! Of course, like anything else, you get what you pay for. Quality can change from printer to printer but does that really matter. In most cases the answer is no, it depends if you want good quality photographs or simply memories to keep.

Please print your photographs by whatever means are available to you. Change the future and give future generations some of our history in photographs.

We also have a printing station in our studio. It isn’t quite as cheap as some of the supermarkets because we have opted for higher quality for our customers.