“Who’s doing your wedding photography?”

“Oh I have a family member who has a really good camera!”

“Ahh Uncle Bob”

Uncle Bob’s Wedding Photography

Trusting a family member with your wedding photography on one of the biggest, most important days in your life is quite a gamble. “Uncle Bob” really wants to help and is more than willing to do it for you because it gives him the opportunity to use his shiny, new, expensive camera.

Of course “Uncle Bob” might do a sterling job and get you a nice set of shots to make up a wedding album. On the flip side, it could all go very wrong for “Uncle Bob”

Cheap Wedding Photography

“Uncle Bob” is confident that he can take a decent photo, but what he didn’t consider is the fact that his camera could develop a fault, at any time, resulting in no photographs whatsoever of your wedding. It happens, a lot!

What “Uncle Bob” didn’t consider is:

  • Shutter failure (makes the camera unusable)
  • Incorrect camera settings resulting in low resolution photographs (poor print quality)
  • Memory card corruption (no usable photographs)
  • Lens failure (camera unusable without a spare)
  • Vehicle breakdown
  • People management
  • Unforeseen events
  • Public liability (required by all venues to protect the public)
  • Insurance

Above are just a small number of things which could happen to poor “Uncle Bob”. We know this because people phone or pop into the studio and share their horror stories with us.

“Uncle Bob” has also started to appear all over Facebook offering his budget wedding photography. His idea is that if he goes in really cheap, he’ll get loads more opportunities to use his shiny camera. He clicked on the very easy to use “Add a new page” icon on Facebook, put his best 3 photographs on there and started advertising pretending, and appearing to everyone, to be a business.

Uncle Bob doesn’t pay income tax on his earnings from wedding photography either, so that can bring the price down even more, GREAT you might think? Just to balance this, any insurer wouldn’t touch your claim with a barge pole if “Uncle Bob’s photography” didn’t get you your dream set of wedding photos!

On one occasion, a lady called in to the studio have some of her photographs printed from a disk she received from “Uncle Bob”. Opening the photographs on our computer revealed that they couldn’t be printed any larger than 6×4″ without massive loss in quality. Yes, “Uncle Bob” had chosen the wrong camera settings!

One couple came in with a handful of memory cards which was given to them by all their guests who had taken photographs on their compact cameras. “Uncle Bob’s” camera shutter had seized and he didn’t have a spare camera. The only photographs that the bride and groom had were all of low quality, they were both devastated.

The problem is, when this happens, people become too embarrassed to admit that they tried to take a short cut or go the cheap route. Professional photographers take steps to ensure that the above risks are minimised, they would have a spare camera/lens in case one broke down. In the worst case scenario, if the spare camera broke down, they would have an insurance policy for millions in place to compensate the bride and groom. Whilst this doesn’t come close to having a set of photographs, it does indeed lessen the blow and there are other things that this would cover like an entire reenactment of the whole wedding, something which “Uncle Bob” is very unlikely to afford!

I have a really good pen, but that doesn’t make me a good author!

If you pay peanuts, you’ll get a monkey!

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

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