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Having a Year 6, Year 11 or Year 13 prom?
Looking for a prom photographer in the North West?
Do your students want to take home an instant, quality portrait from the event?

Our prom photography service is becoming very popular with schools and colleges across the North West, particularly in Warrington, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. We are capable of printing up to 500 portraits in a few hours for the students to take home with them for their parents to cherish. You don’t have to wait to see our prom photographs!

Prom Photographer Warrington

What separates our prom photography serviceĀ from the rest?

Sadly, so many schools attempt to do their prom photography in-house by using talented students or teachers from the art department. Most often, parents of the students don’t get a prom photograph to treasure. All they are left with for memories are a couple of selfies on Facebook.

Quite often, our prom photography service is offered free to some schools. Our service is award winning and we use professional studio equipment to capture your treasured prom photographs.

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Cheshire Prom Photographers - Oculus Studios
Prom Photographer Warrington Cheshire
Prom Photographer Warrington
Warrington CheshireProm Photographer

Using professional dye-sublimation printers, we can produce around 500 instant portraits within a 3 hour period. We set up our portable portrait studio to your venue and ensure that all of the students get the opportunity to have photographs taken of them in their finest attire. We have over 25 years experience in photography, 15 of which in instant event photography so you can rely on us to provide your students with the finest prom photographs.

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