Before And After – Photograph Of A Boat In A Lake

Today’s high end cameras don’t always capture each scene as the eye sees it.

They do however capture all the information required for you to edit the image to how you want it, especially if you shoot RAW.

This photograph is of a fishing boat on a lake in Turkey, Köyceğiz, Muğla Province, for those who want to know exactly where. It was taken in 15th April 2012 at around 3:30pm (Turkey Time)

Specs for the nerds among you:

Nikon D800
28 – 70mm f2.8 set to f6.3 at 70mm
1/1000th sec shutter speed
ISO 100

It has been edited in Adobe Lightroom and the finishing touches were added in Adobe Photoshop. Click the image to view larger.

Adoble Lightroom helped to put detail in the highlights and shadows. It also helped with cropping, colour balance, tone and all over sharpness.

Over to Photoshop for some healing of the imperfections on the image. A couple of dust bunnies (spots on the sensor) and local dodging and burning, something that Adobe Lightroom doesn’t do so well.

Even as a full time professional photographer, we still find time to play, it’s in the blood!

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